22 SepWelcome to Mobile Ondiggo

Ondiggo Mobile Solutions. Ondiggo, as in “on the go”. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a decent site name these days? It’s gotten to the point where your site name drives your business name, not the other way around.

Ondiggo develops mobile web sites for local businesses. It is our business and our privilege to help local restaurants, retailers, and professionals take maximum advantage of mobile technology to attract and retain customers. Mobile technology, especially mobile web, offers brick and mortar businesses huge opportunities to satisfy the purchasing needs of consumers who are looking for the right product, right now.

Mobile consumers don’t use their smartphones for research projects. When they do a local search they are looking for a specific product or service – a pizza, a skein of yarn, a fly fishing rod, or a good lawyer. When they find what they want close by, they are usually ready to buy.

Unfortunately, most local businesses never see this. Sure, mobile searches reveal their businesses, but most often they are linked to desktop web sites. Desktop web sites are not designed for mobile users. They have the wrong information and the wrong presentation. More often than not, they end up frustrating mobile customers, not drawing them in.

So that’s where we come in. We take the key information needed by mobile consumers and present it in a way that renders beautifully on mobile devices. We do this with mobile web sites, not dedicated apps, and we do it quickly, professionally, and with an eye towards maintaining your brand and extending your reach.

OK, so much for the commercial. This real purpose of this blog is to discuss trends in mobile computing, mobile web design, mobile marketing strategies, and how businesses can best leverage this new technology to reach a whole new class of customers. Sometimes we’ll veer off into more general computing, marketing, and deisgn topics in general, but only in short bursts and usually to provide context.

We’ll keep the commercials to a minimum, but please understand if Ondiggo slips in from time to time. We’re proud of what we do and we like to showcase our customers as well.

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