22 OctNative Apps: You Don’t Need One

Every day brings a slew of new “Native App vs. Mobile Web Site” posts on the web. Most follow the same pattern; if you need these features (bullet points go here) then you need a Native App, if you need these other features (more bullet points) you’re fine with a Mobile Web Site.

As if you’re somehow “settling” for a mobile web site.

Readers of this blog are brick and mortar business owners trying to attract and retain new customers. Let me make this real simple for you. You don’t need a native app.

You don’t need the cost, you don’t need the multiple versions for different devices, you don’t need the App Store and you don’t need its Android equivalents. You sure don’t need to burden potential customers with seeking out and downloading a native app from an app store just so they can communicate with you.

A recent survey from vSplash (Smart SMB Digital Marketing Solutions) indicates that 98% of small businesses do not yet have a mobile web site. That means 2% of small business are getting the lion’s share of the mobile web traffic. Start there. Get yourself a mobile-optimized web site and start reaping the benefits today. Be part of the 2%. Once you become the next Facebook, Google, or Amazon, then you can worry about your native app strategy.

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