It’s where your customers are

50 percent of all web searches are mobile searches Smartphones are not just a trend. Mobile already accounts for 50% of local searches. By 2014, mobile web will completely overtake desktop Internet.

They are looking for you

Mobile consumers are looking for immediate, local response to their needs. That means they are looking for you. Right now.

The 5 second rule

You have less than 5 seconds to engage consumers on the mobile web. Think you can do it with your old desktop site? Think again.

“But my desktop website already works with smartphones”

Maybe that’s the problem. You’re cramming a whole lot of information into a very small space. Nobody likes to pinch and zoom and hunt for information, They’d just as soon go elsewhere. Guess what? They do.

Build a site that is optimized for mobile devices

Give your mobile users exactly what they need without the need to pinch, zoom, and hunt. Large fonts, simple menus, action-based taps, and links to social media give them everything they need right now. Remember, the clock is ticking!

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