01 Oct2013 Colorado Springs Science Festival

Colorado Springs Science Festival 2013 sites

TheĀ 2013 Colorado Springs Science FestivalĀ kicks off on October 5th with the Cool Science Carnival on the UCCS campus. Last year’s carnival attracted over 5000 attendees who participated in hands-on labs, demonstrations, and presentations on the past, present, and future applications of science in our lives. This is just the start of a nine-day celebration of […]

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10 OctMaps, Schmaps. We’re sticking with Google.

Big Bills Locator

Now that the brouhaha about Apple maps has died down, we just wanted to let you know that Ondiggo is sticking with Google Maps on the iPhone, rather than Apple Maps. Even though the Google Maps App is no longer available on the latest iOS version, the Google Maps mobile web site is more powerful […]

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22 SepWelcome to Mobile Ondiggo

Ondiggo Mobile Solutions. Ondiggo, as in “on the go”. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a decent site name these days? It’s gotten to the point where your site name drives your business name, not the other way around. Ondiggo develops mobile web sites for local businesses. It is our […]

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