30 SepResponsive Design – The Big “Meh”


This year’s web design buzz phrase is “responsive design”. Better jump on the bandwagon so you don’t get left behind (not). It all sounds so simple, one code base to drive your web site on all platforms, automatically adjusting for device limitations with no human intervention needed. Funny how they look at mobile devices as […]

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10 OctMaps, Schmaps. We’re sticking with Google.

Big Bills Locator

Now that the brouhaha about Apple maps has died down, we just wanted to let you know that Ondiggo is sticking with Google Maps on the iPhone, rather than Apple Maps. Even though the Google Maps App is no longer available on the latest iOS version, the Google Maps mobile web site is more powerful […]

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01 OctiOS 6 Panoramas: Now this is cool

Now this is cool. I know, the latest Apple iOS update is supposed to be the cause of great consternation, wringing of hands, and gnashing of teeth. Oh no, the YouTube app is gone! Also… Maps. Heh. Not to worry. We’ll talk about such things in a later post. But in the meantime… panoramas rock. […]

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