22 SepAll You Need is a Dry Cleaner

OK, all your your teenage daughter needs (right now) is a dry cleaner. But in any case, it’s late on a Friday afternoon and the dress she needs for her big event tonight is wrinkled beyond recognition. It needs professional help. Your spouse is driving and you’re thumb tapping the mobile phone in search of a local dry cleaner who could steam this dress quickly! Traffic is horrible, you’re running out of daylight, your daughter is getting anxious, and you are drawing blanks.

Drawing blanks? How’s that? Your mobile search is returning all sorts of hits, but every time you tap on one to see if they are still open and if they offer emergency (teenage daughter, remember?) services, you get directed to a laughably illegible desktop web page. You’re on a mobile phone, not a desktop computer. Calling doesn’t help. If they even answer, you get redirected to an answering service. “Please hold.” You try to pinch and scroll your way to the information you need, but it only takes a few seconds to realize that this web site isn’t going to provide it. So you’re off to the next.

Your spouse asks, “isn’t there an app for that?” Well maybe there is and maybe there isn’t, but you’re sure not going to try to find one at this point. You just need one local dry cleaner with a site that displays on your mobile phone and provides key information – hours, location, and services. After half a dozen attempts you finally hit one and, even though it’s a bit far away, they are open and can have that dress steamed while you wait.

While you wait, the woman behind the counter shows you how to save their mobile site to your mobile home screen so you can access her business with a single tap, just like an app. She also shows you the “Coupons” page where you can get new deals weekly. That’s good to know, since getting your shirts done has been getting expensive lately. Your daughter’s dress comes out, she’s happy, you’re relieved, and the dry cleaner has a new customer that she has a real good chance of keeping.

Sound farfetched? Not at all. This happened to my wife and I (except the parts about the woman behind the counter) and it was the incident that made us re-examine our company focus and move away from iPhone and Android apps and into mobile web design.

And yes, we’ve told the woman at the dry cleaners how her customers can save her site to their home screens and how to add those coupons to keep them coming back. Even though someone else designed her site, she’s a nice lady and she helped us out of a jam.

Plus, those coupon deals. :-)

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