Mobile Means Business

You may not have considered a mobile web strategy for your business, but prospective customers are searching for you on their smartphones. Forcing them to wade through web sites optimized for desktop browsers is no way to earn their business. Providing them with the best user experience possible is crucial to keeping up with this changing market. Give consumers an optimized view of your most critical information and vastly improve your chances of attracting new business as well as retaining existing customers.

Why it Matters

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Mobile Matters

Mobile is not just a trend, it's where your customers are. Smartphones and other mobile devices are everywhere. Mobile users search the web with very different expectations than desktop web users. This means business for you, but only if your web presence is mobile-ready.


What We Do

Ondiggo builds and hosts affordable, action-oriented sites that render beautifully on mobile device screens. Our sites are optimized for users on the go so they can get the information they need and take action quickly!


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You snooze you lose. The mobile web market is exploding. Where will you be when potential customers search for your product? You need to be right there with a mobile-friendly site that draws them to your business. If you don't do it, somebody else will.



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